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Strata Camo Coldgear Beanie Hat

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Strata Camo Coldgear Beanie Hat

New and Improved fit for more comfort, also now available in size XL as well!

Strata Camo Coldgear beanie can be used on its own in a wide variety elements or be worn under another hat when it is very cold outside. This Polar Series Coldgear manages moisture and traps warm, dry air so it packs a lot of punch for a thineer type of layer that can easily be kept in your pocket. This is going to be something you will find yourself having handy in a pinch!

Strata Camo from True Timber is the hottest camo out right now because this 'Break Up' pattern works well in a wide variety of different elements. Think of it as an analog version of digital camo which has many of the same advantages but is more natural looking. It has many earth tones with a range of greens and tans.


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Strata Camo Coldgear Beanie Hat
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