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WHITE 1/4 Zip Sun Protection Shirt

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WHITE 1/4 Zip Sun Protection Shirt

This UVEIL 1/4 Zip has an athletic cut verses the VIPER and RIFT versions and the Hoodies. It creates a virtual shade with it's non transparent fabric so it's like sitting under a shady tree even in the open sun. It is also cool to the touch. Notice the cool feeling when it touches your skin as this material helps to pull body heat away from you. UVEIL's sun protetion factor (SPF) is rated higher than 50(+) so it blocks 98% of the harmful sun rays. UVEIL works with out the use of chemicals which means it won't wash out or require ant special laundry care.

The main reason people use the UVEIL line is because they are trying to be cooler and get max protection from harmful UV rays which is why UVEIL comes in white. There are other sun protetive garments on the the market in other colors but remember that white is always to coolest color no matter what because it reflects the entire color spectrum. There are SPF garments that come in colors but they do not work as well and rely more heavily on chemicals added to the fabric which do wash out.

UVEIL does wash up very well. We recommend LA's Awesomly Awesome spot remover at the dollar store for awesome cleaning power / spot remover. You can use any cleaner on this material except bleach because it turns polyester fabrics yellowish. We recommend cold water wash / line dry but these do not shrink.

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WHITE 1/4 Zip Sun Protection Shirt
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