Men's Cold Gear Base Layer Shirt(with thumb holes)
Based on 6 reviews.

Stay Warm! Thumbhole version of the same Polar thermal shirt (PS3) for men. It is made with eight..

POLAR PLUS Thermal Coldgear Pants
Based on 8 reviews.

NEW & IMPROVED ! POLAR PLUS+ Now warmer than ever with a 9.0 per square oz. version wi..

POLAR PLUS Thermal Coldgear Shirt
Based on 12 reviews.

NEW & IMPROVED ! POLAR PLUS+ Now warmer than ever with a 9.0 per square oz. version with f..

Sub-Zero Supreme Coldgear Pants
Based on 1 reviews.

NEW Supreme SUB-ZERO line Supreme SUB-ZERO now is even warmer with heavier inside wickin..

Sub-Zero Supreme Coldgear Shirt
Based on 3 reviews.

NEW!  Supreme SUB-ZERO line New and improved Supreme SUB-ZERO is our warmest base lay..

Beanie Hat
Based on 1 reviews.

Moisture wicking fabric is similar to the Under Armour Cold Gear 4.0 and works great as a stand alon..

Camoflauge Balaclava

NEW  TRUE Timber Kanati Conceal camo print out this season and now part of the Polar + Ser..

Cold Weather Compression Shirt
Based on 1 reviews.

TRUE compression shirt with cold weather gear fabric fits tighter than your average compression shir..

Glove Liners / Runners Glove (pair)

Glove liner works great to keep your hands both dry and warm in cold weather as a base layer for you..

Men's Bamboo Base Layer Shirt

Bamboo is super soft and natually resists bacteria. It also manges your moisture keeping you warm an..

Never Under Estimate Horsepower

"NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE HORSEPOWER"  Loose fitting thermal shirt is part of the Polar Series. ..

POLAR PLUS Balaclava
Based on 7 reviews.

NEW & IMPROVED POLAR PLUS+ New Polar Plus line is now warmer than ever plus it wicks moist..

Skull Neck Gaiter

Skull print neck gaiter moves away moisture and traps in warm, dry air. It is cut higher in the back..

Skully hat
Based on 1 reviews.

This base layer for your head and is designed to work under a helmet or other hat although it c..

Sleevy (pair)
Based on 2 reviews.

Prevent snow and cold from sneaking into the space between your jacket cuff and glove. It snugly fit..

Snow Camo Balaclava

TRUE Timber Viper Snow Camo on the Polar Plus thermal coldgear fabric traps warm, dry air while mana..